Sensational Sundays

Each Sunday I am going to try to highlight a few items that I think are sensational and that I LOVE!! These may be products, recipes, books, movies, or activities!

Today, I will be highlighting some Natural Oil Rollers that I use. These come from my friend’s store, Natural Cures and Creations . It all started with my horrible insomnia. My friend Ariel heard I was having problems and brought me a “Liquid Ambien” essential oil roller. It kicked my insomnia’s tush and I use it pretty much nightly now! Since then I have branched out and use many of her rollers: I have one for headaches, one for stuffy nose that I use with the kids a lot, and a “Happy Mama” roller that I love so much I use it as my perfume!! My personal experience with the natural oil rollers is that everything that I have tried has worked. They smell wonderful, don’t have harmful chemicals, and they are small enough that you can easily carry them in a purse, pocket, or glove box.

Natural Cures and Creations is a lovely shop and Ariel offers oils, specialty t-shirts, herbal teas, and many other natural products! If you’re within driving distance, I highly recommend the trip to see the shop. If you aren’t, then check out her online store. You won’t be disappointed!!

Nature itself is the best physician. -Hippocrates

2 thoughts on “Sensational Sundays

  1. I concur! I tried a couple of her products as well including one for headaches and I love them! I’ve been using essential oils for awhile and I love trying blends from folks who know what they are doing!! She definitely does.

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